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Hemp Bombs® Immunity CBD Gummies keep you cool, calm and collected while benefiting your overall wellness. Each immune support gummy features 15mg of our premium CBD and 50mg of elderberry extract that holds essential antioxidants and vitamins. Elderberry has been used for centuries and is one of nature’s most versatile solutions for promoting a balanced lifestyle. Support your immune system and feel your best year-round with our Immunity CBD Gummies with elderberry extract.

About Our CBD Immunity Gummies

From extraction to shipping and everything in between, Hemp Bombs proudly formulates, manufactures and lab tests our Immunity CBD Gummies on-site at our FDA-registered manufacturing facility in the United States. Just like with our CBD Oil and other varieties of CBD Gummies, we craft our immunity gummies with CBD sourced from the highest-quality Industrial Hemp grown on licensed American farms. We extract our premium CBD in-house and proudly manufacture our gummies using our state-of-the-art gummy machines. In short, we oversee the entire production process of our immune support CBD Gummies from seed to sale to give you complete confidence in our products.

Immunity CBD Gummies FAQ

What are Immunity CBD Gummies?

Hemp Bombs CBD Immunity Gummies are edible chews that contain premium CBD and elderberry extract. Available in counts of 8, 20, 50 and 100, each grape-flavored gummy holds 15mg of CBD and 50mg of elderberry extract.

What is elderberry?

Elderberry is the fruit extracted from the elder (Sambucus) tree. These fruits are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that help clear the body of free radicals and boost immune health. Research shows that elderberries may also be useful in suppressing common cold and flu effects. While more research is needed to determine elderberry’s effectiveness against the flu, it’s still an effective supplement for promoting a healthier lifestyle.

What do CBD Gummies with elderberry extract help with?

Our immune support gummies offer the combined benefits of CBD and elderberry. CBD holds calming properties that can promote stress relief, a greater sense of relaxation and additional health benefits. Elderberry is a fruit rich in valuable vitamins and antioxidants for supporting a healthy immune system. Our gummies may benefit your overall li