CBD Bundles

Hemp Bombs always puts the customer first, which is why we go the extra mile when it comes to product development and variety. Our CBD Bundles represent customer-friendly CBD care packages that take samples from our extensive product line and offer them at a discounted rate for your convenience.

Hemp Bombs offers a variety of bundles featuring edibles, topicals and even pet products, so you can get everything you need in one convenient package. We've designed each bundle to cater to CBD consumers with different health needs and experience levels. Whether you're looking for a CBD starter kit to try out for the first time or a CBD gift for yourself, a friend or loved one, these bundles are one of the most consumer-friendly options available on the market. Avoid the headache of selecting a la carte products, and try out a CBD bundle today. Click here to learn more about the benefits of our bundles.




Why Should I Choose Hemp Bombs CBD Bundles?

Value icon | money sign iconIf you are new to CBD, Hemp Bombs CBD Starter Kit Sample Bundles give great insight into the potential of this natural compound. Rather than buying each product individually, bundles allow you to purchase multiple products with a discount - often for under $50. Any of these reasonably priced packages serve as a great CBD starter kit, and allow you to experience the widespread therapeutic benefits of CBD without making your wallet suffer.

Variety icon | Hemp Bombs CBD Bundles graphicWith Hemp Bombs CBD Bundles, you don't have to decide between products. Instead, our CBD Bundles cater to your preferences, containing a variety of CBD Edible and Topical products for many discomforts. Complemented with a Hemp Bombs pen and stress ball, our CBD Bundles work great as gifts or as a personal care package to refill on your wellness must-haves. Find the product that best meets your needs in one of our many bundle options, or purchase a perfect CBD gift pack for a friend or loved one.

Hemp Bombs CBD packs don’t just offer value and variety - they also deliver quality. At Hemp Bombs, we pride ourselves on being a respected and reliable CBD brand. From the time we source our premium-grade Industrial Hemp to the time your order reaches your door, we maintain the highest quality control over all processes. We are very selective in the Industrial Hemp we use, and that is why we choose highly qualified American farmers who only use sustainable methods. Hemp Bombs Hemp is grown in soil free of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals. We like to ensure you that you are receiving a product that is beneficial to your health.

All our products undergo third-party lab testing to certify their authenticity and quality. Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and other CBD products will not cause a “high” or result in any psychoactive effects. Instead, they will encourage an overall state of calm and promote a feeling of relaxation. You can even pick up a collection of products to help escape the holiday stress with CBD. When formulating our CBD products, your health is our primary concern. Through all our detailed processes, we can provide you with the best CBD Oil and other premium CBD products that deliver daily health and wellness benefits.