CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats Chews


Treat your pup to the endless potential of CBD with Hemp Bombs® CBD Dog Chews. These soft, bite-sized chews have a delicious peanut butter flavor that your dog is sure to enjoy, and you’ll love the comfort and calmness that your canine companion will experience. Whether you’re getting ready for a family road trip or you’re making a dreaded vet visit, these CBD Dog Treats help keep your pup at ease in a more natural and tasty way. Hemp Bombs CBD Dog Chews are available in an eight-count bag with each treat containing 15mg of CBD (120mg of CBD per bag).

The Best Ways to Use CBD Dog Treats

Just like with our CBD Oil, CBD Gummies and other premium CBD products for humans, we make our CBD Dog Treats with only the finest ingredients. We’ve also designed our CBD Dog Treats to be tasty and appealing, so they become something your pup wants to take. Plus, there’s no measuring or mess involved, making these chews perfect on the go.

Due to CBD’s calming and comforting nature, there are countless situations when CBD can be useful for you and your trusted companion:

• Traveling – Car, flights, train, etc.
• Separation – Before you leave for the workday or a night on the town
• Vet visits – Pets can sense an upcoming appointment
• Grooming – Whether at home or with a professional
• Big parties/Celebrations – Lots of sounds, smells and even fireworks
• Before bedtime – Hyperactivity, discomfort, cage training, etc.

CBD affects every dog differently, so you may find many other situations where CBD Dog Treats are a must-have for your pet.

CBD Dog Treats FAQ

What are CBD Dog Treats?

CBD Dog Treats are bite-sized chews infused with a pre-measured 15mg serving of CBD. These peanut butter-flavored chews are easier on dogs with teeth sensitivities – a common problem for canines. CBD Dog Chews have the potential to encourage calmness and comfort in situations of stress and hyperactivity.

How to use CBD Dog Treats?

CBD Dog Treats are easy to use – no mess or measuring! Give your pup one to two chews 30 minutes to an hour before they’ll need to feel the effects. This will allow the CBD ample time to kick in.

How many CBD Dog Chews should I give my dog?

For dogs 15lbs or smaller, provide one chew per day. For dogs over 15lbs, give no more than two chews daily.

For more precise serving sizes based on weight, visit our CBD Dosing Calculator for Dogs.

Are CBD Dog Treats safe?

Hemp Bombs CBD Dog Treats are crafted with your pet’s safety in mind. We use human-grade ingredients and conduct multistage lab tests to ensure all our CBD pet products are free of pesticides, microbials, toxins, heavy metals and other harmful elements. We know that THC can be toxic to animals, so we implement third-party lab testing for our CBD Dog Chews to confirm they contain less than 0.3% THC – the federal legal limit which will not cause intoxication. CBD has not been linked to any serious side effects or toxicity in dogs.

Are CBD Dog Chews legal?

Yes, CBD Dog Treats are legal to use, buy and sell throughout the United States. We formulate our products following current Good Manufacturing Practices, so they are compliant, safe and high-quality. We also lab test our CBD Dog Chews both on- and off-site to confirm they are federally legal.

Where to buy CBD Dog Treats near me?

Hemp Bombs CBD Dog Treats are available in over 25,000 stores nationwide, including pet stores, feed stores and local convenience stores. The easiest way to buy CBD Dog Chews is through our online store, where you can access the full range of Hemp Bombs CBD pet products.

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