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Quality CBD Ingredients at Hemp Bombs

When it comes to your CBD, we know that quality ingredients matter most. According to a recent survey of 1,350 Hemp Bombs customers, more than 60% of consumers believe that quality ingredients are the most important aspect of their CBD experience.

We heard you! And we’re committed to delivering superior CBD ingredients every time. Our CBD Gummies, CBD Oil, CBD Capsules and other premium CBD products are developed by formulation specialists who optimize your CBD selections with supplemental ingredients intended to provide the results you want.


Each step of the way, we are committed to quality and consistency. Watch our video to see the life span of a bottle of our CBD Oil from seed to sale.

Quality CBD and Other Ingredients Found in Hemp Bombs Products

You may have noticed the blend of ingredients on the labels of your personal CBD products, but did you know many of those ingredients are soothing botanicals and natural compounds meant to boost your overall well-being?


Premium CBD

All our products are formulated using high-quality CBD sourced directly from the Industrial Hemp plant. Through advanced extraction methods, we assure our CBD extracts are free of harmful contaminants and contain less than 0.3% THC.


Natural Oils

From topicals to sublinguals, we use a variety of natural oils when designing many of our products. Each oil we use serves to enhance the smell, efficacy and overall enjoyment of your CBD experience.


Rest assured that all our natural oils have been hand-selected to deliver maximum benefits. Take a look at some of the oils you can often find in the Hemp Bombs product line:


Argan Oil | Castor Oil | Clary Sage Oil | Coconut Oil | Eucalyptus Oil | Frankincense Oil | Geranium Oil | Grape Seed Oil* | Jojoba Oil | Lavender Oil | Lemon Oil | Lime Oil | MCT Oil* | Olive Oil | Orange Oil | Peppermint Oil | Pine Oil | Sweet Almond Oil | Tangerine Oil | Vitamin E Oil


Many of our products are made solely using CBD and these natural oils. For example, check out our popular CBD Oil, made from just five ingredients for simplicity and versatility.


Plant-derived compounds

Similar to our premium CBD, we use additional plant-derived ingredients to support natural relaxation and pain relief:


L-Theanine | Magnolia Bark | Menthol Crystals | Passiflora | Scutellaria


Our CBD Pain Freeze uses menthol crystals that originate from the mint plant. This compound has been found to relieve aches, pains and sore muscles and joints.

As for relaxation, ingredients like L-Theanine, found in tea leaves, and Passiflora, also known as passionflower, help to encourage relaxation and decrease stress. Both ingredients are included in all our capsules.


What Makes Hemp Bombs’ CBD Ingredients the Highest Quality?

Sourcing. Manufacturing. Lab testing. When a company focuses on these three aspects as much as Hemp Bombs does, the only possible outcome is premium products made with high-quality ingredients.

We source our Industrial Hemp from American farms. Our CBD extract comes with a Certificate of Analysis, confirming that our raw materials are free of pesticides, heavy metals and other residuals.

We maintain quality control over our products through in-house manufacturing and our commitment to current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMPs) throughout production.

Finally, each batch of products is tested to confirm its contents and potency. The results are regularly updated and published here on our site for transparency and accountability.


Creating quality products takes more than quality ingredients, but they’re a good place to start. Consistency and attention to detail allow us to produce high-quality products with a diversity of premium CBD ingredients that you’ll appreciate in your pursuit of natural wellness.

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  1. Jody C.

    I’ve purchased 2 bottles of the 2000mg CBD oils, but I would like to know the exact percentage breakdown of oils used in this. Your site says which different oils are used, but not what percentage. Thank you.

    • kathy.p

      Hi Jody! Thank you for your question. In all of our Tincture oils, we use MCT oil, grape seed oil Hemp oil and artificial flavoring. I can not give you the exact amount of each, that would be like giving out our “special recipe”!

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