Delivering award-winning structured programmes and experiential resources that build emotional health, well-being and resilience.


Our My Inspired Life programmes are based on our core belief that everyone is a champion at something. We support young people to achieve their true potential through putting them at the centre of their learning for life.



We have a highly involved network of role models from all over the world, including artists, Olympians, adventurers and musicians. Their stories are a powerful element of our programs and inspire young people to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

This programme provides students with access to positive role models and helps them explore their values, feelings, behaviours alongside building emotional resilience and positive emotional health and well-being.

Each programme is tailored to meet the needs of the students and led by a lead facilitator with 2 support mentors.

During the programme the students spend time with 2-3 visiting role models to build their own plans, goals and dreams.


Their personal journey is recorded in the 28 page ‘Little Book of Inspiration’ which provides a structured life coaching model for them to achieve their true potential and captures the personal journey of participants through utilising experiential learning techniques.


Based on measured and evaluated UK projects, the programme elements have shown on average:

  • 100% of participants found the Role Model Programme either helpful or very helpful in thinking about different opportunities in their lives;

  • 100% of participants found the programme helpful or very helpful in thinking about their own dreams and adventures;

  • 85% found it helpful or very helpful in thinking about life, goals and their plans;

  • 95% found it helpful or very helpful for goal setting.

This programme also delivers an average improvement of 29% on an evaluated Adolescent Wellbeing Scale.


Our team challenges encourage our participants to review their task or project both as individuals and working in a team. The challenges are designed to deliver life skills such as teamwork, leadership, communications, creative thinking and others using our competence mapping tool.

The Film Challenge engages students in their own film making project, providing introductory skills to create films with a message for the local community, centered upon the student’s dreams and aspirations. 


These are showcased through a student-created Film Festival.

Film Challenge


Environment Challenge


The Environment Challenge focuses on ‘global citizenship’ and challenges facing communities / world.


The challenge follows the UN model of Inspire, Educate and Act, empowering young people to research and present community solutions to environmental challenges

Enterprise Challenge

Enterprise Challenge


The Enterprise Challenge is focused on building entrepreneurship skills.


We will provide group mentorship, resources and workshops for students to create and run a start-up simulation.


Measurement of skills development such as enterprise skills, competence mapping and creation of a portfolio for future employability or learning, including:

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Decision Making

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Planning

  • Project Management

  • Creative Skills



We work with our partner, Canoe Trail ( to deliver learning in the outdoors that expands young people’s experiences with structured activities including canoeing, kayaking and team challenges helps prepare them for the challenges of life and the working world.

Located in Bedfordshire UK, our school trips and youth programs are proven to raise self-esteem and develop life skills for young people equipping them with new skills and learning for life.

Experiential learning activities include:

  • Canoeing and kayaking tuition, adventures and journeys

  • Raft building and river crossings

  • Team games and problem solving

  • Bushcraft and adventure skills

  • Wild camping at our dedicated woodland site

  • Low ropes and climbing wall challenges

  • Residential courses and archery at different rural locations